This object option when selecting objects in rules

A feature I’d like to see in Hopscotch is:

A more reusable way to reference any clone of the current object, exactly like selecting the object from the list of objects, but more reusable.

I’d use it for this type of project:

Any project where I want a custom rule that will be the same for many objects that does something when any clone (or the original object) is tapped, or bumps something.

Here are some examples of Hopscotch code that could be improved if we had this:

Custom rules where you want, for example, the original object to respond to taps on any clone.


I’d also like the edit timer to be extended to something like 5 minutes.

This won’t be an option for variables because that’d make no sense, I don’t think that was very clear in the original post. (it would be though if I could actually edit the post for longer :slight_smile:)


nice concept- would love to see it in hopscotch!
and hey- want me to edit this into the top post?

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yes please

Do you mean the post edit timer?
If yes, I agree.

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I missed this while coding a project yesterday! It would be awesome if this was implemented.


Yeah! I was sleeping

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