This Needs to End


Alright. I can accept that the leaders were demoted. I can even accept the fact that we are apparently an "experiment" But closing all of the topics addressing this issue? That needs to stop. We need to have someplace to talk about this "dark age" so people can see our opinions and hopefully convince you to bring back the old leaders. I mean, 4 of the old leaders already left! So @Rodrigo, @Liza, @asha, and everyone else on the hopscotch team, please consider our opinions, and stop pretending that they don't exist by closing them. So go ahead. Close this topic, and prove my point. To everyone else, please help me in my cause to bring back the leaders.


Guys, what's going on with the Forum!

There were wild arguments in those topics, so they were closed. It wasn't to avoid talking about the situation. :)


Or when u close, at least say why

@Rodrigo And I find it quite rude that u flat out ignore my posts yet respond to everyone else on the topic




Yes, but in a lot of the topics, they were doing nothing wrong. And just to set the record straight, I don't disagree with the hopscotch team. They were right to demote the leaders, seeing as most of us are only In el.ementary or middle school


Couldn't agree more.


Great speech, man.

R.I.P senpais


You're right. It's Sunday, so this should not be happening.


What experiment?
Can Sbd tell me what happened?


The leaders and mods were demoted to regular and THT was saying it was they were using the leaders and mods as lab rats basically, using them for tests. They are all kinda mad and acting like themselves! That is kinda the forums ATM ina nutshell! @ColourfulBlack


I just read that through and half of it makes no sense. XD im tireddddddddd


This was VERY rude to THT. They aren't being mean to us and using us as an experiment. Just please don't create topics like this. It fuels the fire! :fire:


An example was the Dark Age topic


It's true, believe it or not. We are part of the phases.

Phase 1

Demote the leaders

Phase 2

See how the forum works without the leaders

Phase 3 is unknown but we hope it becomes better.

The true fact is that we are on the dark age of hopscotch


I see this point and THT's. Perhaps, THT has a better reason we haven't quite understood, so I'm just hoping THT would explain and we could calmly understand and say our point without arguments or anyone being offended.


Thanks for waiting, I'm pretty sure you understand how hard it is to answer so many messages. :slight_smile:


Honestly, I think that the forums would work just about as fine as before the demotions, But, im still new, so idk...


Still, it is rude to hopscotch, and makes things worse.


Well, I think that Rodrigo said that the leaders are just an experiment. What Kiwi said its that the leaders are mouse trapped in a maze finding a pice of cheese. I think...
I fell horrible taking about anither peiple behind their backs..


idk why everyone is taking the experiment thing so personally

i mean srsly

it's just an experiment to see if letting users moderate the forum would work

what is the problem with that

And please realize that THT never said anything about the experiment being a failure, and I am 99% sure that was not what they were trying to imply. They only demoted the leaders/mods because they felt that they were starting to mess around too much.