This needs to change


The forum and app are being ruined. There have been numerous topics about this subject. However, we are all ignoring the real issue. Many of the things wrong with the forum and app are because THT is not taking any of the steps necessary to solve these problems. Many of the problems with art and rping could have been solved if THT simply cracked down on these creators. Many of the problems with the forum being too off topic could have been solved if THT had simply been a little stricter about the rules. This has not happened. I want to call attention to this issue, because this is something that I have never seen being talked about when people mention the problems with the forum. This will get flagged a lot. I know. But at least read this topic before you start flagging.

EDIT: I’m not saying that the problems on the forum aren’t our fault. They totally are. All I’m saying is that THT needs to take more steps to fix the mess that we have created.

EDIT 2: I changed the wording of the main post so it didn’t sound as harsh. I am fully aware that THT has lots of stuff on their hands, and that they can’t spend all of their time on the forum. But they need to monitor the activity here at least a LITTLE bit.

Part 1: Remember What We're Here For—READ THIS B4 YOU LEAVE



I agree with you…


A. Lisa is probably busy
B. There is a section for art
C. It may be harder for THT then we think I mean like it’s a lot of work to have your own app! There probably working on other cool stuff! And no matter what they do people probably would still draw so…


We believe it’s Aether




This is the bit most people forget. Its actually a big dilemma for them.

  1. Theyre a small team running an app which has had dozens of thousands of accounts.
  2. They still have to monitor inappropriate stuff all the time.
  3. They have both an app and a forum as well as a teams wages to pay for.
  4. They want there to be as many people as possible on hs so they can maximise income and success - banning art would lose them probably most of their active users.
  5. They probably dont wanna insult/offend/upset their users, particularly those who might prompt complaints abd stuff which is bad for business.
  6. They still have all the bugs to work on, as well adding new, more powerful tools.
  7. There isnt actually much of a good solution available to do what you want because they will want to please everyone without excluding anyone and that is very hard.
  8. There are always ways around their methods. Eg
    A) they tried making sure there had to be code not just text in a project. People used set size and other basic things for rps.
    B) they tried featuring only coding but not everyone actually cares enough to work to featured/rising/gamechangers.
    C) they tried having forummers moderate but that got a little out of hand because theyre gonna want to have some fun.

:eyes: including this one…

Part 1: Remember What We're Here For—READ THIS B4 YOU LEAVE

You’re right- they are a really small hardworking team. I’d also like to mention that on top of all that you said, they have to approve every project for users that have a subscription.


Yeah i was gonna mention that but kinda forgot about it. Good point!


@KVJ, you are completely right! THT built an amazing coding app that helps us to code for free and a forum. It’s a lot harder to run an app than you think. Have you seen how many apps there are? Coding programs? Every app and company wants everyone to go to theirs, so its really difficult to be in the competitive world of the internet & apps. Before I get off topic—

THT won’t be able to see everything. Bullies are usually clever and they can bully people without THT noticing. It’s sort of up to us to tell everyone—guys, this isn’t right. Don’t leave because of something that your blaming the THT for. Thats not a good reason, guys. By staying, flagging only comments that are wrong and inappropriate and OT, we can make the Forum good!

Also, if you see a user that is especially mean and absolutely NEEDS to be taken care of, don’t wait for THT to come and see it! You can email them with your question, and they will handle it. :+1:


Exactly. As members of this forum we are just as responsible for keeping it clean and like it used to be. It only changed as we changed anyway.


I’m glad that you actually took the time to answer with actual points rather than just “Ur just clogging up the forum! Go away!”. I even agree with you on a few of those points. I’ll elaborate more in a few hours, I gotta leave school first.


Thanks. Yeah i tried to use the idea of “discussion” that this forum was meant for.


I agree.

Even though I am a artist, I feel guilty about using hopscotch that way and try to code something here and there.

Maybe they should go back to having more hopscotch monitors (are they still doing that?) like @Kiwicute2013 and hire more people to work for them.

I mean, hopscotch is a pretty large and popular game. They should at least hire more people to work for them.


The problem with hiring new people is that it may be hard for them to make enough money to justify hiring a new employee. I do have an idea for solving this problem, but I want to wait until this topic gets noticed by @Liza to share it.


Well can’t we just get trusted mods on the app and forum without payment like if they don’t get paid it means they are loyal tbh, like maybe we should have curators for featured, mods, and leaders again


Why did they stop doing that?


Yeah, I remember it @Anonymous, @Kiwicute2013 and more were leaders now we only have the staff as leaders.


How does one define and confirm “trusted”? :thinking:


I agree.

Something does need to be done. I think us forumers have done a ton already in attempt to fix this. Everyday my view on this has been changing. I currently think THT should do at least something. Anything.