This little issue: my friend's short story



I have a friend on hopscotch who does a lot of roleplaying and chatting on hopscotch. I'm not going to mention her name cause, you know, reasons. She's a really nice person, and hasn't done anything to offend people while RPing and chatting...
So why do people ha.te her so much!
A hater on here, another person who's name I won't mention, his entire account basically dedicated to tormenting her and two other RPers. He/she has sent them threats and constantly taunted them, for no reason I can tell. But those people have one thing and commen, and that's the fact they're roleplayers.
Please, stop this. Even if you don't support roleplaying, please don't hate on someone for it! It's not even the first time i've seen this either. This-This bulllying needs to stop.


Report the person! I don't not support roll playing but she should not by bully.ed like that for it!


Don't feed the troll. Just report the projects and move on. THT sees all of the reports, and they might even remove that project from hopscotch! :smile:


Simply email THT about this Hopscotcher. They'll take action.


That's not good!

While roleplaying isn't encouraged on hopscotch, it shouldn't be turning into a reason to bully others! Try reporting the projects.

The other people should not be bullying your friend.

Also, if your friend wants to chat, try getting your friend into the forum! I'm sure your firmed will like it here! :D