This Just Made my Day


So I was looking in my activety bar, and I saw a few famous hopscotcher said had liked My Illuminati Fight V 1.2!

If you would like to see the game, here is the link:


So happy for you THT and awesomejhonen liked my project aswell! And actually everyone!


Photo bomb! :stuck_out_tongue:


This "TWO AWESOME HOPSCHOCHERS" guy isn't so awesome, since he can't spell "Hopscotcher". But congratulations. And remember to check for other places you can post it before making a whole topic about it.


No he considers you famous!


@benny29, A tip: Please edit your bio so it doesn't include your school! That's unsafe, and sharing personal info! :grimacing:


Oh yeah that's very unsafe!


@Gilbert189, I just edited it. Thanks for telling me.


Actually, it is a picture with both Two Awesome Hopscotchers AND SmilyAlyssa.


GBOT, please. Actually, I meant the first one.


Congratulations! You deserved every like you got!


Thanks for saying that! That is sooooooo kind of you!



(blahhhhhh it says body is invalid)