This isn't the hopscotch forum anymore...πŸ˜•


This forum is falling apart... Now, I know that @liza said its ok to be a little off topic on here but we aren't just being off topic, people are cursing, swearing and just being dumb.

This isn't ok, hopscotch. Pull. It. Together.

When I joined the forum two years ago. There was about 50 people. It was wonderful. Now. The forum has grown to thousands of users. And I'm ok with that. But, now it's gotten out of hand. This is unbelievably stressful to a lot of us and we all need to just stop for 5 seconds, and pull it together.

With privilege comes responsibility, do not abuse either or you will loose everything. You will get suspended, or even banned.

I am extremly dissiponted. You are good people, and I know from the bottom of my heart that you guys can do better than this.



Some people come on to troll others.
Thats all I can say


I agree, trolling is not ok, if you do it multiple times, most consider it harassment. That's worse. If you harass someone when you're an adult you could pay a fine or maybe, just maybe, go to prison


okay I understand what you are saying
but you just implied everyone is like that

and I don't think that's true.
Yes, some hopscotchers on the forum have broken rules, but the majority of us haven't.


Most of these disruptions are from a few specific users not everyone, not specifically targeting anyone.


Yes I know, I'm simply saying in general. We need to stop. I'm not targeting anyone specifically.


Yes, I know, but, just putting it out there to anyone who's getting ideas...


I think from the way things are now, new users will think that this is a forum that you can talk about anything.. and now there's a lot less coding-related conversation than there should be..


In all honesty, there aren't many people who participate in the flame wars. Life isn't always perfect, same goes for this forum.

Yes, we could do better.

That doesn't mean we're bad.


Some people just do it deliberately to make others feel sad :pensive:


Yeah, and it sucks. But we shouldn't take too much offense from someone random we've never met telling idiotic lies. It's admittedly hard, though :P


Okay, no need for exaggeration...


I've phased out of randomness and now I'm only here to help people, ask for help and to chat about bugs and glitches which are interesting.


The forum isn't even about HS anymore


Well, that's certainly debatable :P

I think it's a good mix of HS and off-topic :3


It's more off topic
You have to admit you never really come on to talk about glitches on HS or a new project anymore...


I don't. I tend to email THT directly about bugs/glitches.


I just wish that @PurpleHawk, @Etalix and @MastermindCreations would come back. They are so inspirational​:wink:


True that


Ehh idk yeah I guess
Then what do you use the forum for?
And if I scroll through most of your latest posts what will I find?