This is why we need leaders XD


On my topic, someone's post got flagged and System closed it. Should I just make a new one, since it can't get opened?


Should I email them about this?

I agree.

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Make a new one. Just copy and paste. What was flagged?


And it's a weekend, too. D:
Um... I don't know, this doesn't seem big enough to email about... maybe tag them Monday? I really don't know...


If the topic was closed by System because of flags, then it's probably best to not make a new one unless you think it's really necessary. :smile:


The flagged post had nothing to do with the topic :D


Ok, ima tag them

@Liza @alish @ian @awesomeonion @asha @Rodrigo @system @meg @Montoya @thomas


The flagged post was just off topic, the topic wasn't bad! (I think)


@alish is no longer working in THT.




And neither is @Ian I think. But you forgot @thomas.




Posts about the birds and the bees




I don't know why. But he still made Pokemon Go video.


I think I know which topic you are talking about.

A lot of posts were off topic, and I believe it was flagged and closed for that reason. I would recommend sending an email to Liza to review the posts and determine wether it should be opened or not, I don't think making a new one is necessary right now.


Nice speach Smiley <'jknknjjnkinhjhbjbhjbhjbhbjh>