This is weird... Is it meant to happen?


It says I don't have Internet but I can go see projects but I tap someone's account it goes on but with my own drafts...




Oh, that's weird!
So, other people's accounts have a "Drafts" tab, and they're filled with yours?


Yeah, I can't follow or like either


Oh, it is fixed now...
@Kiwicute2016 can u close this!


I am sure this is just a glitch but y does my remixer account have a subscription profile pic?


It sounds like a bug, we'll work on it. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Thats the most weirdest thing I have seen all day...


Oh yeah, I have seen that bug. Have no idea why its hair though.


This is definitely a bug.


Weird. It is a bug, I am sure.

hello @Rodrigo here's a smiley face: :slight_smile:


Oh yeah that's happened to me before!


Did you contact THT about this bug? I heard it's been going on for a bit.