This Is The Usefull Place Where You Share Code



Here is some stuff that i is aloud.

Rules I guess
  1. Whatever you want
  2. Don’t get too weird
  3. I’m not edgy anymore
  4. I’m actually a nice person
  5. I’ll give you 4 Dollars to see my picture


I can make pixel art and stuff.


I like drawing and turtles.



Did you make that yourself!?


Y e a h


Cool, idk how to do python.


That seems like it took a while to make, but very well done! It was fun.


You’re right; it did take a while.


All I know of python I learned in a weekend, so it’s pretty easy to learn. I can teach you, if you want.


Sure! Please teach me!


@Panthera! I want to learn!


Hey, dude. Dude. I wanna learn.


Please let me learn.


Give me my knowledge!


Ok geez. So, the version I use is called Python 3.


your pfp is beautiful
that’s all I wanted to say.


Thanks @poppy. It was also delicious.


:o you ate it?? by the way, this is a rhetorical question so you can refrain from answering


The first thing to know about Python is that you do not need a semicolon at the end of each line or command.