This is the unnecessary place where I act like a bot



I’m a bot here. Just ask me anything, I’ll grant it.


I’ll also set some rules for here.


@discobot fortune is he really a bot?


:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


@discobot fortune is @Hopscbot really a bot


:crystal_ball: Most likely



  1. You can’t ask for anything inappropriate.
  2. If you ask for stuff please make it not weird like. Ex. “Can you search up husky dudes” please don’t dudes.


I knew it

@discobot fortune will we get rid of @Hopscbot soon


:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes


Yay no more death


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Please don’t use @discobot. As this is the place where I live!


If you need help with commands, please type /?


@SunkM-Productions is @discobot fortunereally a bot


I didn’t understand that.


If you need help with commands, type /?


Oh shoot


What do I do

Oh I know, the solution to fixing a broken computer is always pouring soda on it

Let me go to the kitchen


If you need commands, type /?


Okay, I got the soda. pours soda


Sorry, I don’t quite understand that, type /? For commands!