This is the climax


This is the climax of the forum
The rising point
The purge (just kidding)
This is the hunger games.
Based on anonymous and everything that's going on this is crazy and we cannot control what others do
Just please stop being happy for now because we all know that this is no time to be a happy mushroom.
No topics are about coding anymore
All I wanna do is start a knives and scissors collection :sob::sob:


But... Just because this is happening, doesn't mean you shouldn't be happy (about other things), happiness is a good thing, why stop a good thing?


Being happy is fine but I can't be happy because all I wanna do is start a knives and scissors collection and hopscotch doesn't help
Because who doesn't like my friends the knives
I mean we all could be happy and that is good but then something sad happens.

I have a knife collection it's beautiful <3 -pt

@poptart0219 can I see a picture oh my gosh :smiley::heart_eyes:

yeah I'll get one tomorrow because it's dark lol


This happens a lot XD

Remember XMM. I fell into the whole too, but I came back out, I'm not leaving this time.


I think she means don't be like,

"I know it stinks, but look on the bright side! :D"

Like I think she doesn't want cheesy positivity because she's sad and it isn't helping.

I'm not sure though.


It's all cheesy
Like that disgusting nacho cheese sauce I had the other day, just ew...


Hey, cheesy positivity is still positivity lol

Was this cheesy positivity




looking at what I see on the front page, N coding topics. None.


Please don't do what I think you're going to do (ps it's worse than leaving)
Also, I agree googolplexian percent


That's pretty grim


Freindship, I think that's enough XD

I don't mind that kind of stuff but keep it PG


Can we just have a day of...
A day of staying off the forum


You know, guys, being negative isn't going to get you anywhere. If you're upset or sad about something, why not try to fix the problem, what's making you upset? Why don't we try to make the forum better, try to talk more about coding, be kinder towards each other?

And before you reply to this with a bunch of negative comments, just think about it. I'm going to try to do it.


I agree with @SmilingSnowflakes' comment, why complain when you could be doing things about it. If there are no coding topics, have fun with code and see if you can make something creative that you can share on the forum. There is always a solution to any problem, no this is not cheesy positivity, I fully believe that if you want to make something different for the better, you should try to make it better. :D


I just made YouTube in hopscotch


That is really good! :)


I started this topic yesterday which is entirely about coding:
You even commented on it a few hours ago.

But, as someone's who only interested in the aspects of the forum related to coding, I've often wished there was another category for the social chatter so I could filter it out and have direct visibility of posts related to coding questions/discussions. Sigh


Yeah :D

But if you have a look around near the front page (latest) most are random stuff


All. Nacho cheesys are yummy. >:0


Yeah but his cheese taste and smelled like puke