This is such a rad topiC


well hello little people who just clicked this to get rid of their notification.

well now you are wondering; why have I said hello.

I am informing you

that I am saying


oh yes

for those masters of puzzles

I have said


I cannot believe you figured that out

@ahappycoder @ me when Sam gets rad. ill be sticking here to make sure he's rad

but for everyone


that means adios in English btw

Who is Leaving?
I'm working to be a leader!
4 leaders gone... This is bad
What happened to the Hopscotch Forum?

Huh ok




I swear I actually predicted that you would do this


A chain reaction..

This isn't great at all


Wait... So ur leaving to?


Goodbye senpai ;-;

I never really got to talk to you much but know your amazing pls thicks


No. no. Nononononnno.

Pleeeeaae don't leave PT you're so amazing you're so incredible please plsplsplsplsplspls nooooo ;-;



Here is a song
♪ I will miss you a lot! You will be missed. You will be kept in my heart! And now I am stopping! ♪

I will remember Sharply

Or Sharpie I forgot the name


oh man oh jeez

i am the master of puzzles

for i have deduced

that you are in fact

saying goodbye



oh man

wow I never thought you could do it

but you in fact

did it


Y u is leaving?


Why must you all leave?

What happened during that demotion that made you all leave??

I'm so sad. I can't believe this


why must you all not leave


I have a feeling.... Slowly all the leaders are gonna go.

on serious note -

you will certianly be missed


hey @BuildASnowman

I have a little puzzle for you to figure out

reply when u ready


i am ready for the puzzle

i am the puzzle master


okay so

how about you look at the profile of




do you notice a single thing


they both have in


@BuildASnowman u have 5 minutes go


The puzzle is your regret.

What does it hold for you in Hopscotch by leaving ?


They both still have leader! >:3


i have figured out the puzzle