This Is Plagiarism!


Im sad to inform everyone this that there has been plagerism on hopscotch, i know that i am not a popular hopscotcher but i thought this should be adressed. I posted a project for a hair competition by EmaraldShine and a hopscotcher by the name of MusicLover77 copied my work claiming it was theres. Can the hopscotch team do something about this? #help


Hi dunkindoonuts. That's horrible! You should report the project.


Try telling them, that they stole your work. If they don't listen report the project


Thank you everyone for your consern, the project was deleted


Yeah, this is a real problem! I got a project stolen from me the other day, and 15+ likes were stolen from me. :expressionless:



I have some projects stolen, and the highest amount of likes they got was 15.


Coying? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@GysvANDRegulus, here's a like! :heart:




Shama poopicoo isanigua! (Pardon my language), people actually do this stuff??


Do you remember my "Challenge: Give this girl some hair!" Project? Now, I'm not saying you copied it, but a lot of other people were/are still copying it, and it makes me SO mad.
1. Because it took a long time to code the bald girl
2. Because they're using the drawing pad that took me 3 hours to create
3. Because they didn't give me credit
4. Not related to plagiarism, but the fact that they're still doing it even though it stopped on August 1st is annoying.

Actually, scratch that last one out, I kinda like seeing all the hairstyles.


Ya that's really not cool. People should not do that.


Copying is the best form of inspiration. They probably LOVED your project enough to copy it. I'm not saying it's a really good thing, but hey, they liked your project enough to use it!


@Snoopy is right.

For every negative thing :rage:, there is a positive thing :grinning:!


Don't be a pessimist, be an optimist

Be someone who thinks the glass is half full, not half empty!


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