This is not intriguing



Ok so I have a project that I made ok I didn’t make it I remixed it a bit and it got 38 likes and 39views so there has been a lot of projects out there remixed then getting a bazillion likes for exactly no reason I mean I made a drawing pad that only got 2 likes I mean seriously this is why I only like 4 projects but do you want some remix on FEATURED that’s crazy

500 likes I wish I had them for
Starter’s Drawing Pad


Ummm.... What?
I don't really get it....


A remix getting on featured is really NOT likely because THT gets to choose what goes on featured. :wink:


I guess this is kind of stupid I am sorry for waist ing space and if you want to know this topic's backstory look at 500 likes


It wasn't stupid or wasting space! Feautured should be for people who aren't known much and create awesome games. That's why @asha created a topic for us to nominate cool games for those that are unknown or deserve featured. :D


I agree, and don't get discouraged, I'm sure your projects are awesome so keep making them, and don't care about likes and plays and remixes (even though I know it's hard not to just try :wink:)