This is not funny you need to stop


SOMEONE ... is making spam acounts and they are making dum names like this wth this isnt funny


BS i dont find this funny at all


You should email the Hopscotch Team!


Remember keep on topic!:wink:


i cant i dont have email


Then I will :D can you give meh a username?


Or you can just tag @liza here lol
Simple trick XD
And you can report it :slight_smile:


sry I said its off topic there email is


@Liza plz help me or @alish


oh wow i just got something saying my password is.... i cant say erm @SlugTerraDan are you nooo wait wat i dont belive it


Rosalina what are you doing and who are you and this is so dum
no luma?? you got 3 in smash tier list *cough