This is my very very last topic


For real, this time.
I can't stand what's going on rn
And a bunch of other stuff

Please don't make posts like this:

I will be back eventually.
I'll be doing Evening Chill less (I'll do it on Mondays (not today), Wednesdays, and Fridays).
Also, school's starting so yay

Also, even if you miss me, it won't be for long because you will forget moi after a bit


Bye. ;-;


Well, have fun in school!:grinning:

Also, I will still tune in for Evening Chill!:grinning:


Ok, bai fren! I will miss you! You are an amazing person! Have a fun life!


You mean I will remember you for a few months and then forget me


R u coming back
And u were a great forum er and awesome friend
So bai :frowning:


I will never forget you! You are an amazing person! You taught me that he is getting stronger!


Once this forum closes you won't be able to find me and then you'll forget me


I'm going to check back every once in a while
I'm also going to do Evening Chill


I will still remember you though for a long, long time


Well sorry i gotta say it.
Noooo don't leave plz ;-;

Wow, that is not the reaction i had about school


It's semi-sarcastic
(the "School's starting so yay")


Oh i didn't realize i thought u were 100% serious


Ok good that you aren't leaving for ever.


What wil we do after school now
Dun leave, Winny. Don't leave ;n;


We'll do things
But there will be some constraints (no computers)


@MobCraft, will you remember me? I will remember you when I think of Mobs or crafting!
You are a great coder.


I'm leaving, but I don't really like school


No computers? ;-;
Maybe we can hide out in the front lobby lol
Still, don't leave


I know. Dis is ma...