This is ideas for pixel-art


If you would like to do trail-art here are some ideas.

Hope this helps!


Do you mean pixel art?? Just wondering bc these would be some of the pics people could use to make pixel art. : )


Yep! Hope this helps you :slight_smile:


These are so cool! I might use one of these, after I finish my current one! :smile:


Thanks. I am glad to know I helped someone... :smiley:


You've helped a lot of people! For example, your shoutout topic made so many people's days! You made them so much happier! :smile:


Sorry changed the title to make a bit more sense :wink:
Hope you don't mind!!


Thanks! That is amazing...


No prob!

These are really cool pics btw!

Ironically I recently started doing PixArts.


Can you grid-ify the :movie_camera: :point_up:️?


I already did the first one! :slight_smile:


Here is more ideas some are from minecraft!