This is getting on my nerves


For some reason when you put an emoji with skin color it creates a box that's white with skin color. Here's an example.:point_right:🏻 now when you see this it should appear with this thing below this text.]
Also it only appears one down like
And it comes with this ->] after it.


Well that's just what happens...


Are you using iOS 7?


Not really anyway to fix that... It's annoying though.


The mac os hasn't added these emojis yet. :wink:


Oh, you're using macOS (the new name xD).
Are you using the latest version?


It's probably because it's unsupported by Emoji One, the emoji system for this forum.


That's also the name of the emoji software that I use, which supports skin colors.


Hmm...then it must be another problem because I see boxes on my screen.


Maybe they're different... Mine is called Emojione...


Emotions is used by DISCOURSE, but for some reason we have the regular ol' Apole emojis. (For iDevices)


It's probably because the emoji system changes with each OS


Eh. inserts shrug guy