This is a sad day for the world of HS


So many Hopscotchers are leaving. I just want this community to piece itself back together... please... @FoodDelivery, @DMF, @BaconStudios, and anybody who is leaving or is think of leaving, don't...

#TDHSD (The Day Hopscotch Died)


It is very sad but we have to move on


Yes it's sad, but we have to move on.


I agree...When one person leaves, it creates a chain of "I am leaving" topics :cry::disappointed_relieved:



It all started with @FoodDelivery leaving, and now many many more people are. What happened to a little bit ago?


sry me is leaving too...


Umm...some have a main reason y they leave and some might still stay. It's not just a chain of I'm going to leave topic. Some people don't really want to leave while some have to leave and some that don't really want to leave might come back.


It feels like a chain though.
When people leave, they should tell us why...For instance if they said "I have to leave hopscotch because my iPad broke!" Or "I'm leaving because I'm getting bored of HS", we know why and we're not confused and wondering the reason why. If all they say Is "I'm Leavin' HS and the forum BYE." With no reason at all, everyone gets confused and try's to ask why.
I know that most likely made 0 sense.


I only left b/c of a family private matter that I'll let u guys know later if not
Why would i ever leave, hopscotch is not boring, I made great and awesome friends. If not, i see no reason why I should leave.

The case of people leaving b/c they say hopscotch is boring or they want 2 get on with their lives, might be back or make a new account. HS is fun, awesome, great. i wish I could stay :sob::sob::sob:

A general topic for why is everyone leaving (tdhd) READ AND COMMENT

I find it sad too, but we have to move on :frowning: