This is a follow from 'I am new to the forum!YAY!'


:neutral_face:Look, idk where I got jumpy Duckz from. I guess if you have a name that is 'Familliar' then, you won't get a nice welcome. I don't know why you are all jumping to conclusions, because that's not a nice thing to do to a new person. So, as I speak, I'm not feeling very welcome. I am leaving the forum. This may be history, but I don't care. I just don't understand. Why are you doing this to me? Well, I'm signing off,

I'm new to the forum!YAY!

We don't want you to leave! We just have a feeling you aren't exactly..... New..

You already now a lot about the forum.

Also, what's your hopscotch username?

And how can I find this video?

Please don't leave! :grinning:

@Kiwicute2016 can check your IP ad.ress, and if she says that you are new, then on behalf of all of us we apoligize!


@KoolM123 is @JumpyDuckz721


Thank you for clearing that up.

@JumpyDuckz721, we new you weren't new. If you want a fresh start, you can have One! But, please don't pretend you are new, thanks.



I still am not going to give any sympathy



I knew it was an alt account.


As I have thought since she posted just as jumpyduckz left the forum (according to the last seen thingy)



Mods already found out that she was @KoolM123. She has been lying about abunch of stuff. Check out her other topic, we are discussing it there.


Yah, i believe @tem is your sister!

Basically tho, @JumpyDuckz721 is @KoolM123, and she lied about it, so everyone was mad.


Claiming that alt accounts are new is against the rules :wink:


@Malie, it wasn't my account, I just made it. Well I guess that counts as it being mine...


Where did my posts go?! I got a notification for your reply but now my posts are gone! ????????
whatever XD


You can make new accounts, but you can't claim they are new, or claim that they aren't your accounts.


O.o now im going to my cousins house...


Maybe you should explain what happened to this account, so she doesn't try to log on..

(If it's true that this account was for her)


Probably... Maybe I can just tell her how to make an account instead of me making the account...


Good idea :wink:

If you do make her a account, please don't just claim you are new again.


Well then...
Anyways we don't mean to try to make you feel unwelcome!


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Wat ded sheh sey? Ei cen't sei powst.
(bdw, I em bec, nut gunuh kooit. :3)