This Is A Collab With @LittleNoobyBoi And @Fenith

So for a collab, do we just trade remixes or make a collab account?

Lol I just had a thought. There’s this two-year-old LEGO app where a rabbit goes all over the place in search for ice cream.

I don’t have any idea.

No no no no and no.

Just kidding anyways. It’d be too hard to code.

While looking for apps I found an “Ice Scream” rip-off lol

What’s that? It almost sounds like a joke.

It’s a horror game where you save one of your friends from an Ice Cream man with ice breath. It’s got a hidden story too

NO. But you said it was a rip-off.

We are trading remixes I guess because it’s easier

The game I found was a rip-off

Of Ice Scream


Okay. Exchange them via links? Or do you have to publish?

Publish, save the link, unpublish it.

And then post da link

I’ll start

Okay. Can you create the project, add a random object with some random code, I get the link, then you can unpublish it and we have our template thingy.

Already 10 light years ahead of you buddy

One step ahead of me I guess. Got it.