This Is A Collab With @LittleNoobyBoi And @Fenith

Hello @Fenith

@Leaders if one of you guys could please unlist this.

Anyone here who is not a leader or @Fenith please mute and leave now


Alright I’ll get out of here

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Good luck, you guys will do great:)

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@FRENCH_WAVE123 I’m here muahahahahah

Get out now or I sneak into your collab topic

I don’t have one yet, rn I’m doing it w/ my 6 yr old brother

And put on watching


No u didn’t lol

Mute and leave now plz

we’ll be in here to moderate - good luck!

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Thanks Serenity! We’ll try our best!

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So what are your thoughts on this? Unfortunately, I have no access to the App Store so I’m no help when it comes to finding something.

Let me try and search up “Summer” on the App-Store

That gave me no good games lol

Lol I wouldn’t know what apps would be summer themed anyway.

Should I search Idle Popsicle or something?

Might as well try it. What’s with the word idle tho.

“Idle” games are basically tappers.

Only thing with idle games is there supposed to run while your not on the game and we can’t really do that