This is a big question!



@BuildASnowman, @Kiwicute2016, @Liza, and all of the other mods. Can we do Hopscotch jokes/pranks? I would love to do a prank/joke war on Hopscotch and the forums, but they are going to be Hopscotch related. It is also going to be a competition. Is this allowed on the forums? Please answer as quickly as you can!

Thank you @Liza for the response!


I know friendly competitions are allowed, but I would save pranks for April fools :wink:


We should have another doppelganger troll on april fools


Agreed, @PopTart0219. While the THT loves a good joke, I think it might escalate too quickly. Pranks and jokes on the internet are hard; while one person may think a joke is funny, another person may feel hurt by it. Let's revisit this discussion as it gets closer to April Fool's Day, but I'm going to say no for right now.