This has to stop.... please



Hello guys! This is a random SnowBall user. And I really want to whoever, or whatever who cyber-bullied people. Plz stop. It really has to stop. And no "It's time to stop" memes.


I agree.


There is literally another topic about this with the exact same title, can you recycle this?


The other one was the copy. I made this before. I am pretty sure that the person that made it recycled it. Because it is gone for me.


OH ok.
What's the user and pass for snowball?


I no dat
OMG hai gabe


Wait so are you not the owner of the account?


Snowball is a public account
Username Snowball
Password [edited out]
And idk who is randomly spammin.g on here but please stop


I am not the owner.


The owner is @HappyDolphin
-Anonymous Snowball


ok, just asking, I thought someone was hacking you for a second!


Ok then.

Idk why I posted that meme I dont even like that one.


I agree!


But really I want to get down to who that person was


Yea me too
-TheRealBlah on Snowball


Try to change the password to something impossible to remember like kjbihhqhugsljdooahhuisgsgudjkhsojhhigsuygdiyudhousiohhiusybid D:


wait oh no I accidentally typed the email wrong

is that a good thing..?

I hope so D:







@happydolphin, the girl who loves ash was here