This has to stop. Its not cool


Okay, i just made a topic about how to get regular, and someone flagged a post. They put it under spam, but it wasnt. Im trying to get regular, and someone is preventing me, or slowing me down from achieving a goal.

When i saw that someone flagged the post, my feelings were really hurt.
To Whoever did that, thats seriously not cool.

@Liza please do something.

Its really serious and definitely not cool. It hurts people's feelings, and if someone found out who it was, thats gonna leave a mark.

So ,please, stop.

Thanks for people who noticed that:

Also, if you do flag this, im gonna lose my marbles.
I might leave too. if it happens, 'cause its disrespectful.



@Liza, @Rodrigo, @Montoya, @Meg, @Maimouna can you please verify or remove the flags.

(Sorry if i sound demanding, im just really upset)

And thanks to everyone who noticed this and helped. It really made my day!


That was probs a regular. They can hide spam with only one flag!


They can?!

searches all of hopscotch forum, attempting to find a regualr who would do that


Hmmmm that's odd. Maybe they're from when I joined and think you should search before you post even when you didn't know to? I think someone would've told you, so I didn't do anything.


No, we can't. We need two.


1) not true, it takes 5 or more (if previous flags are undo'd by a leader) to hide a post

2) what was the topic about? what were you discussing?

3) maybe it was because there have already been 40+ topics like that already?




Oops. One second.




Check the edit.


Which one?

Edit: Ok.

I saw it

Le second edit: no one said anything


Um, I think more then one person needs to flag for it to be hidden, so I'm pretty sure it's two people to get a post hidden. I know it might hurt your feelings, but it shouldn't prevent you from regular for too long. To be honest; I don't get what's so special about a trust level. You only get 4-5 new abilities..


Eh, it feel nice.

U have a little more power


It could be because there are many topics like that, so it can be considered as spam??


I know, right? It's really mean. I've been flagged for no reason before, and it's no fun. I hope THT won't approve the flags D:


Same here.

Its really mean and unecsessary.

I hope Liza sees it.


She'll see the flags. I don't know if she'll approve them or not though.


Oh, seriously guys? Who flag dis?


Great. Now someone flagged this. Whoever did this should be ashamed. You can't flag every little thing you don't like. ://

@Elemental_Cat, I'm really sorry this is happening to you. ;-;


Actually, regulars can hide posts with a single flag, if it's for spam. I assume that's what's happening.

It's really disappointing that a regular is (probably) doing this.