This Happened When I searched a Username Up


I have sent the mail now. Hope it’s okay :slightly_smiling_face:


The Mail I got back


Maybe you had a bit of internet connection, then suddenly it switched to offline and it lagged
Or just a glitch. Idk


Why did you tag the pomtl?


That’s normal. You may have WiFi but do you have internet? I think it just does that sometimes though.


Ye, I had internet and WiFi. Full. It was strong. I think it was a small glitch.


This happened to me once too. I just closed completely out of the app and left it alone for a few minutes. When I came back it was normal, but it hasn’t happened to me since.


Send a mail to Ana. Information scroll up :slightly_smiling_face:


It did it again…


Well, maybe…
Crazy thought…
You switched to people from projects fast on the search bar?


Nope… that’s not what happens.


You probably fixed it by now lol
I’m just thinking of scenarios


Just got reply from Hopscotch Team on mail. Here is what they said…


Well, from Ana. :grinning::heavy_heart_exclamation::grinning::heavy_heart_exclamation::grinning::heavy_heart_exclamation::grinning:


That is a one time occurrence. I don’t think you can replicate that regularly under normal conditions


It did it again


Did you have to play with WiFi or cell data settings to replicate it or did it happen normally?


It just happened normally @Awesome_E


I can’t search for projects aswell, I can search for users. Logged out and logged back in, same problem. Internet is perfectly fine.


Just happened to me.

If it helps just tap something else, go back and search it again.