This featured game is a copy of my game



This new featured game

Looks pretty much like my old game

What do I do??


Hmmm they look different but I haven’t played either one so I don’t really know.
I do know that Madi and SmileyAlyssa are incharge of featured so you should ask them!:grinning:


Hmmm… it think it is copied. Ask @hopscotch-curators to unfeature it.


The gameplay is the same


I agre, the only difference is the background. Maybe they did not know?


The game that you made is a very classic game. I don’t think they copied it.


@The_Vast_Void has a point, this game has been coded before on Hopscotch because it’s a classic game. It seems like they didn’t know that you had made a similar game. It might be a little late to take it down, but we can if you would like! :smiley:


I don’t think you should take it down. The game on featured is very good, and it deserves featured. Just because others have made similar games in the past, it doesn’t mean it deserves to be taken down.


I agree with @The_Vast_Void.
Is it you,the vast void or you-know-who?


Me.You know whom only visits your GT.


It’s fine I just didn’t realize it was a classic


I didnt see this and im sorry but i didnt coppy your game. I can shout you out if you like?


It’s fine. If you didn’t copy then no need