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Hey guys today I have something for you and it’s a gameshow kinda there will be a challenge each week and each week someone will be eliminated YIKES and whoever is the last one to make it wins! Prizes a follow a shoutout a bunch of likes and I will make sure that everyone on hopscotch forum knows you (that’s kinda a joke!) but anyways just say I would like to join and then guys if you don’t make it don’t worry I will make a new one soon! every week you post a link guys! and how to enter!

Post your hopscotch username and how long you have been hopscotching!

And by the way there may be some tricks up my sleeve!

From your furry friend Huggingfluffybear!

People who are in!


Join now!


By the way the first contest will be the Saturday after we get 10 people! And it will be announced at 1:00 p.m Virgina time zone!


I wish I could join, but I'm gonna be on hopscotch less after today.



Oh man bummer I wish you could join also tell me if you change your mind!


Please @friendship2468 don't change the tags for no reason!


Okay I'll join but I'll join


What you'lol join but you'lol join?


But great! Your in!


I will join. I am good at this, I won before. mwahahaha imma master :laughing:


Okay great wow peeps are pouring in!


And who knows if you will win with these tricks of mine! Mwahahahaha


Sure! sounds fun!
I'm SnowGirl Studios :snowflake: :zap:
and i have been hopscotching for 2 years


Oh yes you are the only one that remebered so yes you are in guys please edit your posts with the things I need to know!


Wow 2 years I have been hopscotching for 1 in a quarter!


thats awesome! i really din't get into hopscotch till almost the first year. im so glad i tried it


@friendship2468 and @Ihasfluffycupcakes you can't be officially in the competition until you post the details!


Yeah I was not really into hopscotch at first either I thought it was boring!(how could I think that!


Anyways anyone else like to join gotta go to bed kinda soon!


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