This collaboration would be amazing



Ok, so this is just a sketch.

So, @MagmaPOP, @Valgo, @t1_hopscotch, Axolotl (which is probably not going to happen) and @oio should do a GIANT collaboration!!! They all are pretty good (more than just PRETTY good), and they are for sure the most skilled game designers on Hopscotch I've ever seen!! What they could make together is probably the best, most awesome project ever!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley: So, yeah!


Could I help? I am very skilled and I like to help a lot @Rawrbear!


Best. Idea. Ever.


Maybe. Just maybe. (20 char limit)


I could help if they say yes! I'm just giving out an idea. :smile:


Abandoned.... So, so abandoned...... :sweat_smile:

Are we still doing this, or are we not still doing this?

(Much grammars! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


wow this is acutaly a good idea... it might turn out to be the best project on hopscotch...


This is kind of happening in the Monopoly collab!


Not really, because of the hacker problem...