This bug is killing me!


Please help!
Im try to make a background for @Ella_13's MLB contest
But im having problems
So basically this is a background that includes clones so im pretty sure that thats the problem
Heres the link


What exactly is the problem? I'd be happy to try and help


Well hopscotch keeps crashing
Is it not for you?


No, it isn't. Quite strange




I guess I can't help you there, sorry


It's another respring type bug except it actually restarted my device! Probably because there was an infinite loop of sorts.


There was in infinite loop but thats not the problem
I figured out the problem and its because of the size and its driving me crazy because ive kept messing around with the size and this is the best i can do with it and it still crashes


Maybe you are using an old iPad or an iPhone and @MelodiousParrot is using a new one? @MelodiousParrot and @thebestest, tell me your iPad/device type.


iPad Air 2 (the newest version of the iPad)


Btw, @thebestest could you make a sin/cos project for the contest? It ends tomorrow and I haven't got anything :confused:


No im not good at sin and cos


Same as @MelodiousParrot
Ipad air 2


Hey! i got it to work!
Heres the finished project!
Im going to turn it in @MR.GAM3R


Ok cool, gonna check it out!

I don't think we can do sin/cos for the contest :frowning:


Maybe Just try making it? Idk...


I myself can't do Sin and Cos but try reading Kiwicute mini "guide" to Sin and Cos. Then try playing with the blocks and WA-Lah, the Cosine object is created.
Magic eh?
I wish that I could help you do a very weird Cosine but I'm not in the contest so... good luck!


It's not crashing for me. Must be a memory overflow, what generation/type of iPad do you use? :slight_smile:




lucky :(