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Okayyy! Hello it’s meepbag here, I’m making a comic.
•don’t make fun of anyone’s character or be mean
•who says regulars can’t edit the title. ME
•always listen to leaders.

Ok. Here are some of the things you need to be a leader.
•my trust
•responsible attitude
•nice but firm personality

Alphas: me and ONLY ME
Leaders: @OnceUponATime
Co Leaders:@Work_kids_coding (to be updated)
Members:@Kitty4U @Someone45356

The amount of scenes you get in the comic is based on your ranking. You can either start from the bottom and work your way up, or earn your ranking.

Here is the form!

Do you like characters
Do you like comics
Do you mind bad quality drawings and lighting


It can be a character from a movie, tv show, real life, made up, or much much more! Please join! -PaperBagHat_meep


I’m excited for this!


Ok. What does your character look like? Please be detailed! Also what ranking do you want?


it’s three am so i apologize if any of this sounds incoherent


Just write #spelinskilz offical at the end of your sentence


I apologize if this sounds egotistical, but as I’m the first person to join, I’d like to be a leader. That way you immediately have someone to help you. If you don’t want to make me one, that’s fine! I’ll be a regular if you want. Leader is just my preference.

What kind of comic is this going to be? I need to know that first before I design a character.


That sounds… very professional! XD


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join :)


Thank you for making me a leader! :D


Hmmm…kind of a drama, adventure theme.


Is it fantasy or nah?


Ya ids totally XDDDDDD


Uh, totally fantasy or totally realistic? Sorry, you didn’t specify xD


Ok. Your accepted. Choose a ranking please!


Totally fantasy BUT you can still have humans and human stuff…soooo a mash up I guess?


mmm idk.
Could you possibly go into more detail about what all the ranks do?



Soooo…if you can’t specify can I just put you in regular? You’ll still get a good part in the story though…


Okay! Is it a fantasy world, or do they start out in the normal world and discover something magic? Sorry, I really need the specifics!


Okay that will be fine :D


Option 2. Except…it starts off normal, then it gets kinda crazy and the fantasy kicks in.