This account is a character account run by the Black Stripe Gang





Ha. Yeah I think u guys probably already noticed this, I’m Kayro. She/I just admitted it on JonnyGamer’s gt,


Ha. I flipped my profile picture. I might do this for every single profile picture that I have.

I have opened up this account to everyone of my irl friends who know my Shadow Stories. So that’s like 14 people.


Lel facin both directions.


Hi @The_Shadow_Roli! I’m one week late, but welcome to the forum!!! I’m @Explorer_, if you need any help just tag me. Basic means that your newish to the forum


Lel. Expo ur so late to da party.
(@The_Shadow_Roli is pretty much my alt, along with my group of people who know about my Shadow Stories)


Gosh I don’t know why I even joined this thing. Honestly, I don’t know what to do with my life right now. Hey anyone want me to “train them in saber combat” it will be fun!


Oh u take fencing?


No. I just know lightsabers combat.

(Read my bio and the title and the first post)


Oh ok


(Home the heck did this account already run out of likes Scavenged must have been on earlier.)

Yeah this is boring, I’m gonna go I bet if you really need training you could ask some other person. Cause I honestly am not the greatest sword fighter in the galaxy.


ello again. this is a not existing character account, now it’s just a collab account.


Hey moderators, can you delete this topic, I have 0 use for it and I’d prefer to start fresh on here.