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But how can you prove that?


I can take a picture of her but then I can’t post it here. So not that way.
I can ask her to post at the same time as me. But she might not want to.

In the end how can any of us prove that we truly exist?


Wow. Do you want to umm do the post at the same time thing?


Lol no ur writing in your profiles is different enough that I don’t think you the same. Also no one writes bios for alts


I can speak more Spanish than Kayro too!


You’re lying! I can speak more español than u or should I say tù


Vous parle le français?


No I don’t know any French.
(She says after reading the French)


what did you mean then :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


I meant person. I was half falling asleep though so I might have accidentally typed something like alrandersop. Which is totally a real word!


Wow, I really believe you.
Anyways, um… hi!


What? It was like 11 o clock in the pm.


Ya know this is a kid forum not a ■■■■ one.


I’m allergic to ■■■■, sorry.




I have one question for you @The_Shadow_Roli. Do you ship Reylo?


Why are you advertising ■■■■?


Welcome to the forum @The_Shadow_Roli


ummmmmmmmmmmmm… until further information on her parents, I’m gonna say, maybe. I mean I don’t want to betray Reylo Shipper but I don’t want to betray Rebelling Imperial either. (rebelling ships Rey and Poe which I find not very umm smart since they hadn’t met until the end of tlj)

But I’m going to still say maybe on the whole reylo business. I need to know her father, it should have been in tlj like how someone should have lost their right hand.


No reylo is bad. Only good ship is stormpilot