This account is a character account run by the Black Stripe Gang



So umm HI! I’m Shadow Roli. I technically am from the wonderful world/fandom of Star Wars! So ask me stuff and ummm don’t kill my friends

(Extra Note: this account is divided among about 14 people, some of us ship Lukdow some of us ship Shaylo but together we are the Black Stripe Gang!)


Hello Shadow! Kay’s told me a lot about you


She has? Wow. I didn’t know I was popular. So you know Kaylo Ren then?


OHHH! Hellooo welcome to the forums!


So umm how are you guys.


Hi! Welcome to the forum, @The_Shadow_Roli!
The OMTL is The Official Mass Tag List
It’s a group!
Also, tag me if you need any help!


ok. thanks!

I wonder why Kayro never told me about the tag list thing.


Ooh. Sorry for late reply. I’m good.


It’s ok. I’m used to it. So are you guys like Kayro’s friends or just people who found my post?


Hey @pinkcupcake8 we have the same profile picture. Kayro told me to use it. We’re spreading awareness for Bobby at school.


I didn’t know you would actually join! And nice job stealing my character’s name.

I’m glad ur here! Now we can talk outside of school.


I’m one of Kayro fren


I have a feeling you are @Kayro :joy:

Welcome to the forum!


Yeah me too…

Welcome anyway…




I meant something else! Not alt! I dislike auto carrot.


Welcome to the forum


Oh hello I know Kayro…she is nice


Auto carrot friends!
btw Kayro says I’m not her alternate account. Cause I’m not.


That’s true. Cause she isn’t my account