Third times a charm, so come and talk to me about stuff because if you don't I'll have to, and I already talk to myself enough as it is: Grizzlyzoe’s new and improved gt



okay i memorized it


Ok wait what did you memorize


one of my speeches for speech and debate national qualifiers this friday,
probably should have memorized it a long while ago but here we are


Well good job!
Hhm i’m bored


Lucy died and I’m taking it personally


who is lucy


Yes who is Lucy
Lol confusion


I do debating as well so, hello my fellow debater.

I’m Lucy as well. Oof.


A 14 year old girl who died last night during childbirth
Oh yeah she’s also not a real person


Me and my friends do the wildest things


Ok then
Yeah my friends left a ton of empty boxes crowding the entryway of a boy at my school


heck yeah this is fantastic i’ve never met another debater on the forum before


i spent four hours straight on blocking and hhhh can i sleep now


i kind of want to disappear for a while just so i can get that smiley face above my first post back welcoming me again


hohohhoo this got nice reply my outfit is undebatably Good Then.


Sine cosine and tangent are my favorite things ever and I thought that after algebra 1 I would never get the luxury of learning them again but what do you know, it’s Algebra 2 and we’re going over my darling children once more


Ha ha ha ha


ha ha ha ha funny i funny ha


We’re learning about mad mike hughes and he’s honestly a legend my god


the two extremes of speech and debate