Third times a charm, so come and talk to me about stuff because if you don't I'll have to, and I already talk to myself enough as it is: Grizzlyzoe’s new and improved gt



oh shoot i forgot to say why
y’all are just really cool people and i think we might be able to get along irl too


Lol ty and u too HH

Can’t imagine why tall would wanna meet me

And I’ll take truth


You could meet tv lol


dangit i forgot kayro
there’s seven i’m sorry


it’s been very difficult lol


lol it’s okay.

We’d all wanna meet kay


Yes it has lol
we were gonna meet at lunch buuut oops


lol yeah tbh I’m surprised you haven’t met yet


We might have and not known it lol


we e been in the same room as each other at the same time but there was so many people we couldn’t find each other


I couldn’t choose only 6 lol
I know I’m butting in here but
Whenever I have my space-out sessions, I usually day dream about me and a bunch of hsf kids in random situations (road trip etc) having a GoodTime™️✨


a road trip would be very fun i like road trips with friends


lol seriously?

Dude like just meet up after school or before school or smth lol it shouldn’t be thaaat complicated


well we go to two different schools lol


Lol yeah.
Nah you’re cool

Oh yes a road trip with her pppl would be crazyyyy (good crazy tho)


Oh lol really? Wait but didn’t the gym only collapse in one school?
For the longest time I thought u went to the same school nvm then hah


the gym collasped in an elementary school around here, not it our own schools
it’s confusing lol


Oh lol okay

Yes very confusing haha.

And if we’re still playing lol I’ll take truth


I was down the street from me and I didn’t know so while waiting for the bus a lady drove by and she was like didn’t you hear about the roof collapsing? School is closed, and I was like yay but I didn’t say yay anyway you get my point


sorry i disappeared lol i’m at an orthodontist appointment