Third times a charm, so come and talk to me about stuff because if you don't I'll have to, and I already talk to myself enough as it is: Grizzlyzoe’s new and improved gt



I spent six hours today studying for that test tomorrow please test gods don’t let me fail
also my speech is about 1/3 memorized now heck yeah time to sleep forever


CoM would be proud


today is a very stressful day oh my godddddd


Me after a long hard day of avoiding my responsibilities


Don’t tell me about it I’ve sat in bed all day


Two tests down one to go


w h y is it weighted 500 points who does that???


What W H A T?
A 500 point test??! That’s just kinda … is your teacher ok?


Hah fea
so are there subs or something
I wouldn’t know since I’m suntanning from inside


Ok lemme rephrase that

I’m laying on the couch very sprawled out and I be chillin
And the sun is warm


no, no he is not


Well I hope he gets better before your next test


What’s the “sun”


Yo griz also; wanna play t or d or smth or smth?


sure i have a few minutes


Coolio :))

You wanna ask or answer?


i’ll answer first lol i’m bad at coming up with stuff i need time to think


Lol yeah same.

Hmm. If you could meet 6 hsers irl, who would they be and why?


Ok I’ll join lol
For me the answer would be CoM, you, Griz and tv, mya annnnddd CTS


okay let’s see
you, cg, ilc, tv, black seal, and someone