Third times a charm, so come and talk to me about stuff because if you don't I'll have to, and I already talk to myself enough as it is: Grizzlyzoe’s new and improved gt



Still waiting to find time
I’ll get there eventually lol
also I just finished twilight yayayayayaayayyayayayayaya


I’m finding I’m the last post on a lotttt of topics wow


having the English teacher I have has forced me to not just read great expectations and consider it a good piece of literature but to study and master it vigerously
pip is like my bro, I as well have a crush on estella and biddy too, Havisham is like the creepy grandmother who lives down the street, wemmick and I go fishing together sometimes, jaggers gives me money and Joe gives me fatherly advice and im bffs with Herbert
I live in London, I am in this book now
I think I probably know more about pips life than pip ever did
this book has consumed my entire being


and yet somehow I know I will still fail the test tomorrow


Should I do that
Uhhhh I really don’t think you’ll fail


doubt but thank you


Oh hey I might not go to school tomorrow because
I has a sick


why is memorizing things so hard can’t I just read a paper once and then be able to recite it perfectly word for word? smh


Idkkk I can’t either tho so

Also hi. Hru?


Im pretty okay, sad that last night is over and ill never get to live it again which sounds kinda stup id lol


Lol yeah but it sounded epic and I get that
I’d love to have been there it actually sounded so much fun


id have loved it if you were there lol


Lol nah I don’t think so :pp I’m not very fun to be with


doubt, you’re such a fantastic person I don’t care what you say, you rock


You know what I doubt?
That you’ll fail that test


No no I’m rly nottttt

So,., drawing anything amazing lately?


Yeah are you?
because it would greaaat I promise


not really, i’ve had a lottt going on rn


Lol yeah same.
You should draw smth soon we need more epic art from Griz soonnn


I have so much homework to do it’s going to take me hours