Third times a charm, so come and talk to me about stuff because if you don't I'll have to, and I already talk to myself enough as it is: Grizzlyzoe’s new and improved gt



are you able to come?


Naw nobody but them is going so ://


ya girl hasn’t done anything she’s supposed to all day please help


ya girl is about to leave for gay prom ill try to take pictures


Ah have a good time!


Gáy prom? Dude that sounds epic pics would be siccccc


Have a great time my friend!
If we are friends…


Have a good time there!


s-she kissed the top of my head


also i forgot to take pictures i’ll see if i an get some from my friends


heres the play by play no one asked for:
so my friend comes to pick me up and she’s absolutely stunning, like, very good, les bien. Anyway so she picks me up and we go to my other friends house and were the first ones there so we eat some cookies, admire his fursuit, all that fun stuff. Then his boyfriend (Who is also my speech and debate friend and my Very Heterosexual Boyfriend, tonight he also became my wingman and father) shows up and so does another friend. So my first friend, ill call her L, does the other friend (S) makeup, while bfs J(speech and debate boy) and n get ready, then she does my makeup, and did a very nice job- thank you L
then we go to the dance and im kinda nervous but S puts on some cool music and so its all cool. We get there and Hayley Kioko is playing which is wonderful I love it. Theres also red vines so its a good time. We all dance and have a grand gay old time, and the The Girl (who is also one of my best friends) shows up, and me and B (thats her) hug uwu
Then we dance to more music which is honestly amazing because whoever picked out the songs did a great job because we got king princess, queen, Hayley kiyoko, panic at the disco, etc.
During this time J and I get really good at dancing together so we do that a lot and I can really see why our speech and debate coach thought we were dating.
Then S N J and I all sit in a circle and dance there while B and L disappear off to the bathroom which was questionable but it turns out L was just crying about her ex’s to B so it was all good.
Then we go outside a few times and write really gay things in the snow and chase each other with giant icicles.
Then we come inside for the last hour or so and dance and dance, and the last few songs were amazing because everyone in this small dark room was signing them at the top of their lungs and dancing and I honestly love my friends so much
then as we were walking out, J, who had been pushing B and I together all night and trying to get us to dance and get together, pushes me to B one last time and she wraps her arms around me and kisses the top of my head before running to catch up with the rest of the group and J, who was watching the whole time, got super excited and I nearly passed out
all in all, a great night that I wish I could relive over and over and over 11/10


Griz u really are out there living ur best life :sob::sob:


Ya girl has two big tests tomorrow and has to get memorized for two of her ten minute speeches by Friday and she ate three bowls of cereal this morning hhhh


Hey Grizz how are you today? (Ignoring the stressful post I am replying to)


For French?
French is harddddddd


For English and history


Hi, I’m stressed lol how are you


Oooh I’m good at English so tag me if you need help


I am fine right now, just chilling in my room for wayyyyy to long


Mines a 500 point test on great expectations, have you read the book?