Third times a charm, so come and talk to me about stuff because if you don't I'll have to, and I already talk to myself enough as it is: Grizzlyzoe’s new and improved gt



I sound so much cooler with my cold than I did before it
I don’t want to jinx anything but if I could be healthy and still have this epic voice in 13 days that would be greatly apricated


the queen music video where they all dress up in drag is the iconic thing from that year feel free to @ me on that


im in one of my queen moods rn im sorry


I have a 20 day read time and idk thats just really sad I think
ive spent 20 days of my life on here, maybe thats good, maybe its not
its wack thats what it is


this gt is kinda like my diary when you think about it, maybe I should start all my posts with dear diary


dear diary,
im going to go to sleep now but I will see you in the morning and if I come on before 6 am someone needs to yell at me


Ok sure

Ignore the fact that I’m up at 4:30 lol


LOLLLLLLl. I get up so early lol


dear diary,
ya girl and a wild dream last night that she was actually goo at sports, can you imagine?


dear diary,
im honestly amazed the drawing topic has lasted this long, like they usually only last a month but this one is holding out fo the long run


ya girl wants to make an elaborate meal for everyone but she is faced with two problems
she’s sick so she can’t make food for others because that would make them sick
she doesn’t have any idea what to make but she does know she wants it to be very complicated


maybe ill make a pot pie, but im not hungry enough to even eat half a pot pie so that doesn’t seem right


can i help you ?


A twelfth m8


I’m going for a quarter million pixels (500x500)


Nice, good luck :slight_smile: lol


You guys are good!
Im doing 42 lines lol and I’m halfway now and it took three days


Pssshshh that’s nooottthing

Lol jk good luck sophia


I played Minecraft with my exchange student and I think I kind of scared her by almost crying when I was able to tame a horse but like, I was pretty proud oKAY


Making a 10k by 10k pixel art, bye