Third times a charm, so come and talk to me about stuff because if you don't I'll have to, and I already talk to myself enough as it is: Grizzlyzoe’s new and improved gt



ack sorry I disappeared, I had to clean my room and now ive got to do some more hw but thank you so much for the help asfhgkjadshgf


It’s ok haha I haven’t actually helped but sure
Have fun with homework


I can’t believe I’m caught saying this, but I agree for the most part. Well, at least the tolerance part…you can tolerate something peacefully even if you don’t accept it. We can’t go back and change history, and there is no reason to take something we can’t change and try to get rid of it with violence. The only alternative for those that will not accept certain actions is to at least get along peacefully.


170x164? Is this your big one? Because I’m planning (aka if I don’t procrastinate) to make one way bigger. :smirk:


Of course not you silly.

This is my definition of a small request. I was giving out free requests and this is basically the average request size.

Ask @Dylan329 he’s seen my template for my big one. And I’ll do a bigger one or even 6.


Small request = about 28k pixels hmm ok :joy:


so ya girl just watched bohemian rhapsody and I don’t usually ever really cry but boy was a close


also im honestly getting concerned for my hearing because im listening to music rn on full volume with headphones and its still not lied enough? this isn’t okay?


how does one say “gayest generation yet!” in an oratory that’s supposed to be serious while still getting across the message that this is a very Good Thing


im going to have an edge to my voice that sounds like im almost happy crying


like, “we did it kids!”


Hmshshjdj maybe something like most progressive/accepting generation? Idk nothing has the same Ring to it as Gayest Generation lol


oh yes im of course saying gayest generation yet, but I am figuring out how I want my voice to go when I say it lol


ive said generation so many times now it doesn’t sound like a real word


how much would y’all pay me if I showed up to a speech and debate tournament wearing something Freddie mercury would be proud of


Ok well in that case I’m less help I can’t speak normally at all


I would pay you in how proud I would be and the tears I would shed in joy


I want his confidence very badly

45%20PM 55%20PM 36%20PM


ive spent like ten minutes trying to figure out how one would use their voice for this sentence blocking is not going well

Generation Z, the generation my fellow competitors and I are apart of, is unofficially and self proclaimed the gayest generation yet.


do I want to do my pause after z or after the because if I do it after z it doesn’t fit together and if I do it after the it feels like im throwing away the first two words of my speech