Third times a charm, so come and talk to me about stuff because if you don't I'll have to, and I already talk to myself enough as it is: Grizzlyzoe’s new and improved gt



This is the gay agenda


warm and confy yes yes,


Strategy rating: A+
Sounds warm and comfy…also loft beds are fun…


A tooth being pulled. I don’t have braces and I don’t think I’ll need them


giving me chills
warm chills


Ayy, uhh, for all you interested g a y peeps, this thing lives again:

A new version, but still


Oh, well, they probably numbed you up or something.



It’s probably because I have high pain tolerance…


Yeah, probably…


Tomorrow I’m making crepes and I really shouldn’t be this happy because it’s juts crepes but I LOVE MAKING/EATING CREPES


Cool. Have fun :))))


I just randomly passed out for two hours


Like, I was just doing my math homework in bed and then suddenly I’m dreaming and the suddenly it’s over two hours later and I’ve lost my pencil somewhere and the lightbulb in my room burnt out




I just woke up in a cold sweat ready and revving to go on a ten mile run


Why am I always most motivated at the worst times


Maybe I’ll paint, but the moments passing


Have you seen your squirrel friend lately?


I have! Sometimes I hear her running along my roof in the morning, and I have some pictures of her but they’re not with me


I blame this song which was randomly playing when I woke up for my sudden burst of motivation