Third Annual Summer Contest Is Coming Soon!



I would just like to remind everyone that preparation for the annual Summer Contest should start up early next month, if you want to volunteer to judge, maybe make a project, or help organize, just start thinking about how you can perform your best at your job!
@Hermione You wanna organize?
For reference here was last years:

~FORUM NEWS REPORTING TO YOU (im pretty sure this isnt 💯% copying buzzfeed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))~

OOOOOOH! I wanna make something.
Never entered so I just wanna try, good luck to others!


Yeah hopefully we can get custom names back this year!


I can’t code in summer


That’s ok…you can still judge or organize


That’s true… but I might not be on the forum a lot. Can you give me a date for judging?


aCk, I hopes works on a Ios 10 ipad


If it is the same as last year it will start on June 20


As in the competition. Looks at last years topic. I linked it in the first post


So the day after Juneteenth
On Wednesday


P.S I’m going to enter early, if it’s not ok then I wont


It depends on what we decide on for the rules


Can we start on the projects now? I won’t be on soon, so if I can start early and stop the hassle, it would be great!


@Hermione we should have an early submission date, so even if people can’t coded ver the summer they can still participate


You can enter a project that is up to one month old, and it has to be seasonal based, however, we might change something rules this year, so don’t quote me


I can help organize, if you still need help in that area. I can help write topics, keep track of people, etc. I don’t have regular, but I can help in other areas. I already had my finals so my homework is almost complete. I can contribute 30-60 minutes a day if needed.


Ok, I’ll be excited on when the contest starts, then :)


Ok. More help is always needed, although generally we don’t need help with the topics themselves.


Whatever you need help with, I can do. I’m available on Hopscotch if you want me to help promote, and I can help on the Forum.


This is supposedly happening in the summer, with no homework (or maybe not if you’re homeschooled)