Thinking of leaving? The update isn't a reason! XD



Hi guys!

I have seen countless topics and posts saying "I don't like this update" "I'm leaving because I can't code properly anymore"

You shouldn't leave just because of a new update, it is best to persevere and give it a go!

If you try hard enough, you will succeed and continue on making great projects, which you already do! I think that every single one of you is an amazing coder, and because of that, you will be able to get used to the update!

An update ins't something to leave about, The Hopscotch Team worked incredibly hard on it, and a lot of aspect of it are fantastic!

I'd like to thank THT (@liza, @Rodrigo @meg etc) for making this wonderful app, and keeping on updating it! :D

I know that it might be a big change, but here are some things that you can do!

1. Watch the videos These are very important and will help you understand the new editor

2. Learn by other people Checking the code of other peoples projects can be really benifivial, as long as you doin't copy and be sure to give credit!

3. Keep trying Not everything you make ha to be published, just keep on messing around with drafts until you find your way!

So, to conclude, the main message of this topic is: Don't leave, or say you're leaving just because of a new update!

Happy Hopscotching,



EDIT: @MrHotdog64, you have fast fingers! :0

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Leaving Until an New update comes out

I can most likey get used to the new editor, but I cant stand that its vertical.

But I will update anyways..

and first
and thanks xD @Candycane


I have the old version, I can't update right now. The new update may be a bit confusing or laggy. But they will fix the errors soon. It's sad to see people leave.


Yes I agree! I'm topics are annoying ಠ_ಠ


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No, I just think they're spa.m topics and a lot of them are just seeking attention. I think we could create s topic for people to look for self confidence and reasurrence instead of getting attention through IMLT (I'm tropics)


@Sprouse @SmilishMagna101 I know that I can't control you, and I never intended it to be that way. All I am saying is that THT worked really hard on this update, and it isn't nice of them to receive hate and leaving topic all the time :slight_smile:


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I may me doing a LOT more scratch as well.


Yeah, they did not mention the beta before this. If they did, we would be more prepared and perhaps, vote for how we want to code.


A smol and silent bump :00


i am


I still can't code, I've tried a million times. I've taken your advice.

It's like learning a while new language.

I can't get used to this. It's just not for everyone.

I respect the desicions of The Hopscotch Team, and I know they tried hard. I just can't use HS this way, and since I'm not allowed to do any other coding stuff... there goes coding for me.


I cannot believe I missed this…

Le applause @Candycane!!