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"Sometimes it's good to start over" - R. J. Palacio, Aug. 8 2015

If you have about a 1 year old hopscotch account or a bit less, then, find any memories? I'm sure a lot of you remember how you were as a beginner. Did you ever get lots of likes? did people stop liking your projects at some point? Everyone has a memory about it, even if it means your first project or getting followed a lot. You can compare what the past was to what we are now. You also might have gotten a new account.

As I said, we all have a memory of hopscotch. No matter if it is good or bad, its a memory you can come back and remember.

My Memories

1) I remember when my projects were stuck in the filter for months.
2) I remember what hopscotch's "old format" used to be

I have a lot more mix of memories about hopscotch, But I listed the most important ones.

What do you think of this? What are your most important memories?

Reply to me and say it.





I guess this should be a memorie. Being ignored. JK lol


Mine, well, idk. When I began I never remixed, ever! On my first account, as I learned more I though.... Hmmm... Then I made my other one (current) And became innovative, I made friends, and ya! Some of my memories


xD I was a total remixer when I joined


I remembered when I first joined I kept on tapping the branch bottom and wow!


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Mine are:
1. Joining Hopscotch in late August 2015
2. Doing my very 1st trail art in October on my current account, which somehow got the attention of many awesome Hopscotchers (then again, they all are), although now that I look it at, it's not good....

Joining the forum isn't something I can come back and remember....


I've only been on Hopscotch for a few months, but I've got some memories from back in November!

I remember branching this fortune teller game. And not remix, I really worked hard and I changed it a lot!


I've been on a while, just an old account
1) Getting my Star Catcher project to the top of rising (recent)
2) Making so many new friends (all the time)
3) creating my very first drawing pad (a few months ago)


I've been on for a long time, but I still have memories to share.
1. Joining Hopscotch in 2013. (:grinning:)
2. Losing all the projects I made in 2013. (:pensive:)
3. The first time I got Featured! (:smiley:)
4. When @Liza liked my first topic and it got Nice Topic! (:blush:)
5. When I realized that 5 of my 6 topics had Nice Topic! (:blush:)


Longest reply I've ever written!

I have a really faint memory of another account on HS, so yeah. That account is just inactively sitting around now...
But I am sure because when I downloaded HS this time, there was a cloud next to it meaning I had installed it once before.
Personally, I had one account before because of Hour of Code, and also I was like the part of the few that enjoyed it.
The second download was because my math teacher taught us C+ and um... Everyone else was either "UGH, so hard. Why???" or just neutral. But, I was that guy that was "Woah, this is easy!" and added in random stuffs to my C+ file like greetings. (We had an assignment to create some kind of price calculator for a shop - include discounts, tax, all that - and I was added in stuff like "Today is Black Friday! Everything is 60% off!"
And after all that, I got curious to see any other programs like this. I look it up on the app store and find guess what, Hopscotch. Then the story after that is yeah. 2 features, 1 challenge that got into the Challenges channel - RIP Challenges channel we'll miss you. ;-; - and fun. So yeah. That's my memory.

More like autobiography! Took me 11 minutes, tho


I remember that the first person ever to like any of my projects and follow me was @LotsaPizza on this day I was so happy


This is one of my memories

Something I made in 2014


I remember a lot of times when I was talking to you about animal jam. :stuck_out_tongue: @Ihasfluffycupcakes


Who remembers the Christmas challenges and #BestOf2014?


Is R.J. Palacio a real Hopscotcher, or is he someone famous? And I like this idea! Maybe find memories of the people who left! (Didn't read the whole thing)


R.J. Palacio is a famous author and she's a girl and she isn't on hopscotch.



I know who she is! I have some of her books.


Yeah, I have her book Auggie&me, but lets GBOT

  1. When I joined in June 2015
  2. When the Hopscotch team featured and liked one of my projects.
    Some of my happiest moments besides getting followed by amazing people.