Think before you post!



I have seen some topics that can offend people and have started fights recently. I'm doing this just so people know when to post and when not to post. Think before you post!

What to think

  • Could this hurt anyone's feelings in any possible way?
  • Is this related to Hopscotch?
  • Does this have any inappropriate words (eg, swearing)?

Those are mine. Do you have any??


I think there's already another topic for this! Remember, search before you post! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, but there's also a topic that says don't bring back old topics that are a month+ older


I think it meant if you post a comment like "Reviving lol" instead of actually adding to the topic! :yum:

But whatever! I totally believe this is true! :slight_smile:


Oh, well sorry. I just read over that post. It seemed a little rude. Sorry! :sweat_smile:


It actually means that if you reply answering a question a month later, people might get annoyed because it's already been answered.


I'll edit the emoji! It wasn't meant to be mean! :slight_smile:


No no, I meant my post


You were fine! :wink:


Here's a like :heart: I ran out


Yeah I made a topic exactly like this :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here. XD