Think Before You Flag (TBYF)


Please don't flag this, guys.

Hello forumers!

So, recently, you may have seen a lot of things that have been flagged unnecessarily. This is a problem, because people will feel bad that their post got flagged for no reason.

Like, for instance, the Drawing Topic just got closed today.

I'm here today to talk about this issue.

DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to target any one person with this topic. Just making that clear.

When To Flag Something

• It's disrespectful to someone.

BobTheBuilder1: Hey, @BananaNerd! You súck at coding and you should give up on Hopscotch! Hahaha

• It's innapropriate.

NotAFlameWarStarter: hey ****** you weirdo

^ That was not meant to offend anyone, and that was not an actual curse word.

• It's spam and has nothing to do with the topic.

JeffreyTheGreat: Hi guys! Here's my newest game, called DoodleBug Adventure! What do you think? Comment below.
OddPickle: tyljijijiyujgy Trolololol

• It's off-topic.

JoeIsKewl: Hello! Here you can talk about your favorite trail art projects. You can also post some of yours here!
RandomDude: hey joseph i'm riding a giraffe right now I'll send you a video

• It's giving personal info and could be dangerous.

SocialButterfly25: Hi peeps! I'm Ellie Jefferson, I live in St. Bob, Ohio, and my Instagram name is @elliesoswag. You can follow me there, and I hope to post some projects here!

If the post doesn't fit into the categories above, it shouldn't be flagged!

What is spam flagging, anyway, and how is it bad?

Spam flagging is when people flag something for absolutely no reason. This is bad, because if you spent time writing a post, you don't want some troll to flag it and not know why they did!

However, there is a difference between spam flagging and accidental flagging. Spam is when you do it intentionally. Accidental is when you accidentally flag a post. If this happens, click the "Undo Flag" button under the post.

What happens if I get spam flagged?

First, don't make a huge deal out of it. That can blow it up even more and make it seem like a monumental thing when it really isn't.

Next, try replying to the post (or the first post, if multiple got flagged). Say something like "Well, I wasn't expecting this to get flagged. Did I say something offensive? Let me know so I can change the content."

Finally, try your best not to hold grudges against the people who flagged you. Maybe their account got hacked or something and the hacker flagged it. You have a right to be upset, but don't overdo it.

What if I spam flag something?

Of course, we all get angry at times, and if those times include when you're on here, you may wind up lashing out by spam flagging.

If you're at fault here, apologize to the person who was your victim. Say you didn't mean to do it and won't do it again. It may take some time for them to forgive you, but it's a start, at least.

To prevent this from happening, if you start to get angry on here, take a break from the forum for a bit. Draw, read a book, listen to music, take a walk.

What can I do to prevent spam flagging?

If you witness someone spammińg a topic, say something like "Hey, maybe you should delete that! It could close the topic, and I don't think the owner will appreciate that."

When you're mad, try to take a break from the forum using the tips above!

If you see someone spam-flagging, try saying "Hey, I don't think that post should've been flagged! Please be careful when flagging things, and only flag when necessary."

If the situation gets really bad, or if the topic closed was really useful and had little to no arguments, you can always email THT at

Any other tips?

Edit this part only or post below if you have any other tips!

Thanks for reading this extremely long post XD,


I agree with you because mini got flagged twice and they were both unnecessary and they made her sad :frowning:


Amazing topic! :D


This happend to me a few times
I for some reason I lost it at the "Hey I'm riding a giraffe I'll send you a video!"XXD


I got flagged 7 times, and it was all spam flags ;-;
Great topic BTW!


Can i make topic 9????


Also, spam flagging can cause closed topics.


Yup and that's why we a have a limit of flags per day.


This is an amazing topic!

I agree with you, well written!


Yes, i defiantly agree.
I made the mistake of making topic 9, but some people where being really disrespectful (and yes, ill admit. I was one.). They were flagging my post that was just about the topic. It wasnt abusive, spam, inporopriate or off-topic. It gets really annoying.


Wow! This is an amazing topic! I don't think anyone has really specified on this flagging problem so good job! No one takes it seriously. It's just like, "Well, this is annoying but I can deal."

My turn for examples!


CallieRulz54: Check out this new pixel art I created! I hope you like it!
ReggiedaBest: wow you really sùck at pixel art!


HopscotchFan: I drew this picture of my dog! Give me some ways I can improve!
RootinTootinTony: Wow, nice drawing! Maybe add some shading around the ear.
HQ4LIFE: I like it! The front paws are a bit too big tho...
ILikeBeef21: I hate it! You're drawing looks like poop!


BarbieDoll88: hi, I'm new to the forum! Can someone help me around? Thx!
LaffyTaffyPopcorn: Hi, welcome to the forum! I can show you around! What do you need help with!
PoopedPants: What type of name is "BarbieDoll88"??? LOL you sùck!

Says the guy who's name is PoopedPants....

I picked some weird names. I'm sry.


I don't know. Those are my examples, @Sensei_Coder!
BTW, I really want to get to know you better! :slight_smile:


We need this now more than ever…