Thingy With Hopscotchers!


Today, I'm going to call a few Hopscotchers to this project.
Hopefully it's ok with them.

Ok people your probably wondering why I called you all here.
Well I'll tell you right now.
I would like to interview you

Plz leave a comment so I know you've seen this.


aww thanks for inviting me!


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Your welcome!
I'll do interviews tomorrow BTW.


I'll be interviewed! Feels so weird to see my name up there... :anguished::flushed:

Thanks fir tagging me! I loved being specifically tagged for stuff!:blush:


Sure, I would love to be interviewed


I'd love to be interviewed!!


Sure! Thank you for tagging me!


I'm still looking up there and I cannot believe I'm tagged with all of those famous Hopscotchers!


@SmileyAlyssa you are famous! im still shocked that im up there as well. Im so not that famous :stuck_out_tongue:


Yah you are!!! Much more then me!


Thats not even possible! I used to be famous i guess, but not anymore! your projects are insanely awesome! Your a great coder and deserve some fame from it!


Aww thanks!!! But you are still extremely famous!!!


I know you didn't tag me but I is really nice of you to do this


I am? i did not even know that.. O_O
btw when i first saw your account idk how i did this but i automatically said "this looks at an amazing coder. this girl is going places with code"


Omg really? When I fist saw you I was like omg a great artist! She looks so nice and cool! I hope we can be friends one day! Then j actually saw you on the forum and in hopscotch more often and it justified my thoughts!


Thanks! i have always thought that we would be great friends! I'm trying to be on hopscotch more but my ipad is always dead.


Lol that happens with me a lot!