Things to do when you make projects!



Hi coders,
I know that many people have been suggesting that I add screeenshots to my posts, but for now I am just not going to add any photos!
Here are some tips for Hopscotchers to do when they make games on hopscotch!

  1. Be creative
  2. Look at others projects to get some inspiration
  3. Watch Hopscotch tutorials to gain knowledge
  4. Ask around the forum for help
  5. Work on the project from time to time, not all in one go
  6. Don't feel frusturated if something doesn't go right-you can always ask on the forum for help!

Hope you take these tips and use them to your benifit!!


Wow! This is great advice! :smiley:


What @PopTart0219 said. Great advice! :smile:


Awesome, but I would add
7.Mess around with the code to see what works


This is awesome! What @Fun_in_the_Sun is good too! :smiley:


Are you amazed I said that, or what?


I'm saying this is a good tip too!


@Cupcaker10 I've been noticing your posts and you're a really good person!! I'm happy for what you do and I like it!!


thanks @PopTart0219!


Wow! Those are a lot of compliments! Thanks @Hoppertoscotch!!


Ok! That is one good tip and I would see about adding it! Thanks @SmileyAlyssa!


Awesome tutorials! Can't wait to see more!


Thanks @Dude73! I hope you can use these tips to your benifit!


Thanks @Bubbles4Ever929! Don't worry you will definietly see more!


Yes! Good tip! Will add it! Thanks, @Fun_in_the_Sun!


Yes what @Fun_in_the_Sun said is a really good tip for newcomers! :wink:


Yes very amazed! :joy:


@Cupcaker10 well, I guess all I can say is that it's the truth!!!