Things To Change On The Forum


Ok. So, over here we are going to be talking about things you want to change on the forum. You can tag THT while your saying this so they get your message. Ok. So I'll give you an example;
@Liza, I really think there shoukd be an option called Private Chat. When your making a topic, you press that option, then a list shows up with all the Hopscotchers and a search tab where you can search a Hopscotcher up. Then you press the Hopscotcher/s you want the message to be sent to, and send it. Who agress?
So that's the way you'll be doing it. Have fun!


There was, but @liza disabled it.


Liza doesn't think that those are safe so she banned them, sorry :confused:


Oh really? I had no idea about that! Ok...


It's ok. I understand if it wasn't safe...


She doesn't want people communicating privately except for mods and leaders. Mods and above can make the pms


Those would be useful, and I doubt that people would abuse them, but it is still not safe. And I don't think we have enough people to moderate them, because they will be (most likely) widely used.


Could've just put "Admins" instead of "Above" lol... Unless there're more?


I don't think private chat would be okay. ):
It would allow people to insult, be mean, and share personal information without anyone knowing. D: